Property law and Real estate

"Dimitrov and Partners" Law Firm consults real estate transactions for residential purposes, for hotels, office and retail space, industrial land, agricultural land and others.

Our legal team conducts in-depth research of: property rights and restricted rights of the real estate; the urbanisation plans and cadastral status of such; the legitimacy of the constructed buildings and facilities in the property; encumbrances checks, foreclosures, mortgages, any claims entered in the property register; checks for any state or municipality rights over the acquired property; research the possibility for acquisition of properties by prescription.

Our legal team provides consultations on issues related to the application or amendment of detailed urban planning and/or cadastral maps for real estate; conducting procedures for changing the purpose of real estate; defence against administrative acts for amendment of current urban plans, cadastral maps and specialized maps, as well as conducts procedures under the Spatial Development Act.

"Dimitrov and Partners" Law Firm provides consultations and prepares the full necessary documentation whereas real estate is concerned, inclusive of contracts necessary for the sale, donation, design and construction of the real estate; commissioning of buildings and facilities;
Our legal team conducts representation in negotiations with banks or other institutions financing real estate transactions.

The firm undertakes representation in litigation with disputes over ownership or limited rights over real estate, division of the real estate, disturbed possession, border disputes, etc.

Counseling, legal assistance, and representation in disputes over condominium ownership and financing under the Condominium ownership management act.