Civil law

Contract law

"Dimitrov and Partners" Law Firm has extensive experience in drafting of all types of contracts, as well as in representation in conducting negotiations and concluding contracts.

The attorneys provide legal opinions on the implementation of concluded contracts. The Law firm team carries out in-depth analyses of contracts regarding breaches, nullity (void, voidable, enforceable contract), incompleteness, terms of cancellation and termination of the contracts.


The team has accumulated experience in the field of tort liability, including tort in the field of medical law resulting from medical errors. "Dimitrov and Partners" Law Firm successfully conducted one of the most serious tort lawsuits due to a medical error in Bulgaria against Tsaritsa Joanna Hospital - ISUL EAD, relating to the death of a 4-year-old child.

Order and law enforcement proceedings

The firm is experienced in the field of law enforcement and successfully works with private enforcement agents throughout the country.
Our legal services on the enforcement cases include representation of clients in collection of their receivables and defence of debtors, inclusive of proceedings for the issuance of an enforcement order and writ of execution; representation in negotiations and signing of agreements; initiating and conducting enforcement cases; enforcement on mortgaged properties; representation in cases constituted on debtors' complaints.